Human spirit always longs for a change no matter how perfect and luxurious your place maybe.

The mountains have always had a calling and it is a common fantasy for many to own a second home in mountains but not everyone can afford to own one and there is no need to. We offer you the next best thing that you can make your fantasy come true in a much affordable way without getting into the complexities of building and maintaining a dream house in a dream location. A Home Stay in hill stations of Himalayan Region.

At times the latent Nomadic spirit gives rise to an urge to move, looking for new challenges and discover the unknown beyond the familiarities of your Homely Routine.

To fulfill the longing for such hearts we at Panch Tattva have collaborated and created idyllic escapes in the lap of beautiful Himalayas.

During your stay, we offer you the thrill of local treks, shrine visits, sightseeing and village tours and light adventure activities to indulge and bond with your family and friends.

The food we serve is home made and nourishing, prepared with lot of care, hygiene and love.