Panch Tattva Home Stays Presents Home Stay At Mussoorie

In a Lifetime of sailing through stormy seas, a home is where the Anchor drops..

Uniquely built in a much-fantasized location, Mussoorie- The Queen of hills, overlooking a wide lush green valley stands this tall and beautiful, Mastermariner’s Cottage.

Master calls it… The Wheelhouse

The green of the valley and the chill of the snow clad Himalayan peaks, with a rare unique winterline phenomenon only experienced in two places on the planet, Switzerland and Mussoorie is what makes this place more than just special. The sights, smells and sounds and warmth of local culture penetrates deeper than skin into the recesses of the heart to linger in the memory lane long after you leave.

They Say The Mountains call you back. We only hope, they do and when they do We await your return to share with you what has been bestowed upon us.

Uttarakhand- Dev Bhoomi- The Land Of Gods

Panch Tattva-Home stays